Day 2 – Tuesday

Getting right to it, our Tuesday begins with the Jolly Goddard team working on their 2nd (Bravo) mission. For their Bravo mission, Alex will be working in the International Space Station, Brenda will be working in Mission Control and Amber will be working as Mission Specialist 1, fixing lights on the exterior of the shuttle, and doing satellite repair.

Whew! Lots of switches to learn and remember for the commander, pilot and mission specialists within the orbiter20140501-120829.jpg




While the Jolly Goddards worked on their Bravo Mission, the Von Lions built their rockets that they’ll launch later this week.

Following their rocket construction, the Von Lions began training for their third (Charlie) Mission. In this mission, AC is the pilot and will be in charge of flying and controlling the orbiter while in space. He’ll also be responsible for landing it after the mission (not an easy task!).

Khadija will be working from the Canadarm and fixing the instrument bays to repair a damaged light on the exterior of the shuttle.The real Canadarm is actually weaker than the Canadarm that Khadija is working on and couldn’t lift its own weight if it was on earth.   

Alex and the rest of the Jolly Goddards began their fuel cell activity and learned how electricity and power are generated and used on the ISS. Through a vast solar array, and the power of hydrolysis, the ISS is powered in many ways. Alex and his team worked on conducting electricity through aluminum foil in salt water, to build a fuel cell that would hold a few volts of electricity.

  Electrolysis with water, Epsom salt and aluminum foil demonstrates the same components used for the fuel cells on the ISS. On another power-related note, did you know that the ISS has a robot that can fix many nominal items on the exterior of the station named Dextre? 287299main_dextre_iss017_big_full

Watching Amber’s satellite work from Mission Control. 

Amber cruising around in space, en route to fix an exterior light on the shuttle.   

Building a new space suit for the astronauts to use that is waterproof, puncture-proof and easy to get off and on. The team was divided into the age old competition; girls vs. boys.


The first test was the waterproof test, to see how the suit held up when submerged in water.

The second test was the heat and radiation test in which the suits were tested for amount of radiation received, and the temperature sensitivity of the suit.

The next test was to see if the suit could easily be put on and taken off of an astronaut (in this case, an apple).

The final test was the puncture test…….the boys were a bit nervous.

Tonight was the Jolly Goddards’ chance to try scuba diving. Here, Brenda makes the swim across the dive tank to begin her training.  DCIM103GOPRO


While the Jolly Goddards enjoyed scuba diving, the Von Lions spent some time doing team building activities like rock climbing, as well as learning how to control and fly the flight simulators. 


Closing the evening with a shot of the Pathfinder in the center of the Space Camp campus.


18 thoughts on “Day 2 – Tuesday

    • Howdy Warren! We ARE having a ton of fun and learning A LOT. (AC and Itzel) We’re learning a lot of new things and remembering things, feelings and staff from when we went 2 years ago. Wow, it’s amazing how much we forgot, but it’s because of how busy we are here at Space Camp. SO.MUCH.TO.LEARN.

    • How are you, Mieka!? Space Camp is a lot of work for the teachers here too, but we’re working hard, walking a lot and enjoying seeing the students be successful. I think you’d love it here!

    • Hi Shyanne, yes, it’s very fun but also a lot of work. We’ve watched lectures and presentations to be able to do the fun stuff. It’s a lot of cooperation here too. Scuba diving was difficult at first, but then most of us figured it out and could pass the tests to do it.

  1. WOW! That is so cool that you are all learning about the ISS and scuba diving. I wish I was there too! Have a great time!

    • Blaine!!! Hi!! We’ve learned a lot about the ISS and we all had a lot of fun scuba diving. I (Itzel) got to the bottom and launched a missile and played with bowling balls underwater. Brenda got down to the bottom too…..I guess girls are awesome!

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