Day 1 – Monday

Good morrrrrrrrning, Space camp!!

After some breakfast, the Von Lions crew sat down to get information regarding their positions for their Alpha mission, AND learned some Australian sign language!


For the Von Lions’ Alpha mission, Itzel is the pilot and will be in the orbiter flying the shuttle. AC will hold down 3 positions for this mission! He will be CAPCOM which is the main line of communication for those in space. CAPCOM remains in Mission Control, is typically an ex-astronaut (and knows the stress of space) and is in charge of “keeping the peace” in Mission Control. AC will also be the Flight Director, who is the head honcho around Mission Control. AC’s final role is EGIL (electrical guidance illumination leader) that controls the electrical components of the spacecraft. Khadija will also have 3 jobs, her first is as the FDO (flight dynamics officer) which is in charge of propulsion, fuel/power (and the ultimate duty to NOT make the rocket explode), GNC (Guidance navigation control) making sure the rocket hits its “windows” leaving/re-entering the atmosphere, and finally EECOM (environmental emergency conditions) which ensures the proper weather conditions before and during the launch.

One of the first components of a mission that the Von Lions learned was Mission Elapsed Time (MET)  which shows the time from launch, whether it be before launch (- time) or after the launch has happened (+ time).

This picture shows the various dynamics and information for a mission 44:33 after its initial launch.

Whew! We’ve been busy! Anyone need a bathroom break?

Itzel learning the control panel to be a great pilot! The Jolly Goddards are working on interplanetary travel, improving teamwork and communication, and not “floating away” when transitioning between planets. 

Maui to Kauai- another challenge to develop the Jolly Goddards’ creative thinking schemes, communication and cooperation. They were tasked with the job of switching five of their team members from island 1 to island 2, as well as five members from island 2 to island 1.

  Brenda helped during the debriefing answering questions about lessons learned, challenges overcome and how important communication is for team efficiency.

Team Von Lions has arrived to Area 51 and is ready for some aliens and team building.

The Von Lions are being debriefed on their first challenge, Tubular Trouble, in which the Von Lions must escape from jail.

“Escaping from jail” with lots of communication, teamwork…….and laughter.

Team Jolly Goddards is now training for their Alpha Mission. Brenda is a mission scientist doing “research” in the International Space Station, Alex is doing satellite repair as Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) 2, working from the Canadarm and Amber will be in Misssion Control helping with communication throughout this mission.

         The Jolly Goddards are building their own rockets to launch later this week!

 For their Bravo mission, Khadija and Itzel will be working together in the ISS.

AC is the commander for the Von Lions’ mission, hopefully he learns the buttons well.

 After a quick dinner, the Von Lions headed to the ~25 foot diameter dive tank, all very excited to try the nearly “zero gravity” environment that scuba provides for astronaut training.




 Itzel is the first student I’ve seen successfully launch an underwater missile 

AC has a message to all the GREAT teachers at USDB

  They were exhausted, but had a blast!


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