Exciting news for the 2014-2015 school year!

The school year is about to begin and I’m thrilled to have lots of the same brilliant minds to mold as I did last year (I teach 7th-12th grade) but also to have 10 new students!

To make for a stellar year, I’m looking into experiments and projects to launch USDB into the Salt Lake Valley Science and Engineering winners’ stand, to send students to Space Camp, and to incorporate innovative, interesting and engaging experiments all year long, utilizing Modular Robotics and Vernier Software as the workhorses of my science curriculum.

I’m also thrilled to announce that I’ll be returning to Space Camp in Huntsville, AL with several 9th grade Deaf students, but need your help to get them there. Follow this link┬áto help support Deaf students going to Space Camp.

Lastly, I have joined Twitter and am hoping to raise awareness for Deaf Education as a whole, but also for science education as well. Follow me @DeafScience12 and help spread the word!