Day 5 at Space Camp

The Von Lions team awoke this morning groggy from their late night Escape and Evasion mission (which they successfully completed without TOO many captured teammates) and rolled their suitcases, duffel bags and exhausted bodies to the cafeteria to eat their final meal as a team. They laughed and hurriedly signed what they liked most about Space Camp, who they’d miss and how social media will keep them connected. Tears were shed and hugs were shared……..and then it was time to graduate.20140502-144714.jpgAs they marched proudly towards their graduation, thoughts must’ve circled their heads; “Can I?” “Will I?” “What if” are but a few, but as they gazed into the Alabama morning sun, the wheels were definitely turning. They had not only completed a week as an astronaut, but had completed it well, with obstacles (planned and unplanned) thrown their way, missions which amassed anomalies, and even engineered (with great ability) space suits, water purification devices and rockets!

20140502-144721.jpgThe Von Lions proudly stood as the National Anthem was played overhead and they silently and respectfully waited as other astronauts in training proceeded to the stage. Their team was called, they all rose in unison and valiantly took their place on the stage in front of fellow astronauts, parents, interpreters and teachers…….now was their time.

20140502-144810.jpgEach recently dubbed astronaut received their proper graduation certificate, accolades and team patch that they’d design as a conglomerate. This conglomerate didn’t know it’s parts just 5 days prior, nor did it know the hurdles it would overcome, but they had done it. The Von Lions team were now officially astronauts.


In addition to the wide-toothed smiles, joyous tears, high fives and hugs, the Von Lions team was applauded and recognized for their extraordinary grasp of  engineering. The Advanced Space Academy Commander’s Cup patch denotes the perfect ending to an incredible week for the Von Lions team. Their intelligence, teamwork and communication amounted to many newly formed friendships, good times and long-lasting memories!



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