Departing for Space Camp!

The students have been working hard for months now, prepping themselves with space, aviation and NASA-related vocabulary, coupled with science, math and engineering-heavy concepts to be sure they’re ready for their week in Huntsville, AL at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.

The time has finally come and we’re all anxious to board our plane to Atlanta, then another to Huntsville, to begin our adventure.


Via in-flight wifi, this picture from 35,000 ft was possible.


In addition to enjoying and perusing the touch screen TVs, the students are napping, asking 478422 questions about planes soaring through the troposphere and taking pictures out the window.

First time on an airport subway for these astronauts!


Although it’s been rainy since we’ve arrived, the students loved meeting the Deaf kids from other states (Oregon, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Washington DC, Iowa and Louisiana are here!). Tonight, they got to know each other by learning about early space exploration and prepping for scuba diving (which will be tomorrow, if the weather cooperates). All of the Utah astronauts were selected for team Von Lions. Von Lions was a pilot group that did incredible work during the Vietnam war.


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